Schedule with ease

See more patients and minimize costs without sacrificing quality of care.

Leveraging AI, create optimal Staff Schedules, considering Staff Preferences and Patient Demand — Thereby reducing administrative burden, overtime, and burnout.
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Customer-Proven Results


Reduction in scheduling time.


Forecasting accuracy.


Staff Preferences and business needs intelligently met.

* Ongoing results in a Clinic with Physicians, Nurses and Therapists.

Listen to Staff to minimize burnout

Staff enter their Preferences, Time Off
and software automatically pulls Staff Info needed e.g. Skills, Licenses, Insurance, Tenure, and languages spoken all in one place.
For Staff, transparency drives trust in scheduling.

Forecast for tomorrow with confidence

Get benefit of accurate forecasting without needing a PhD or Data Scientist. Leverage demand over Regions, Departments, and Specialties to right-size staffing. It can also leverage existing historical data and upcoming launches.
Accurate forecast models that account for seasonality
Model imports with CSV or API

Maximize time with fully automated schedules

Optimization uses Staff Preferences, Patient Demand, business rules to generates schedules in minutes. Managers select from simulated options to determine the right balance on Quality of Care, Staff Satisfaction, and Cost.
Managers have the flexibility to edit the schedules as needed prior to posting.


What is workforce management (WFM)?

Our WFM ensures healthcare facilities schedule the right Staffing levels to match patient demand. Great WFM improves utilization, unit economics, and drives better Patient outcomes.

What is the integration process?

We integrate in days, not months. We bring data together through an API and seamless integration with tools that matter most to clinics. This includes UKG and EMR data.

What is the process of working together?

We build together. Each workforce is unique, so we start by understanding existing scheduling process. Then our front-line engineers proceed to configure our software to generate sublime Staff schedules.

Have questions regarding Scheduling?

Please reach out to our team.