Maximize healthcare capacity with AI.

We provide Clinic’s operations team software to staff healthcare providers, improve margins and see more patients. Taking best-in-class software and bringing it to healthcare.
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Untether labs is a Workforce Management Platform that provides scheduling, forecasting and reporting. It integrates with EHR, HR, and other software fast.

Time to improve healthcare.

Patient demand fluctuates while there is a medical staff shortage.

How will you manage capacity to ensure patients have access to care?


More patients,
less wait

Challenge: Care has evolved. Over or understaffing are costly, and Clinics need to connect patient demand with staffing capacity.
Solution: Get accurate forecasts to absorb higher volume of patients without investing in expensive headcount - margin matters.
Clinical Ops person
Dr. Gillian
Clinical Operations
Utilization Rate
Capacity in the next 6 weeks

staff scheduling

Challenge: Balancing fluctuating demand with a remote workforce across clinical specialties, treatment modalities, complex regional regulation, time-zones, and languages is hard.
Solution: Based on business objectives, prepare for different scenarios. Create optimal clinical capacity, and ensure optimal care.

Shift Details

Clinical operations and provider
Alexis Francios
Clinical Operations and Providers
George Fares
Optimize Schedules

Forecast capacity management

Challenge: In US, over 50% of hospitals lost money last year. Patient outcomes and Clinical margins are negative due to poor visibility, staff burnout and archaic software.
Solution: Leverage advancements in AI to automate scheduling to drive performance. Get aligned, and stay aligned on metrics that matter.

Scenario Planning

Clinical Operations and ProvidersClinical operations and providerClinical Ops person
210 Providers
Minimize Provider without Placement
Ensure 2 minimum licenses met in every region
Leveraging blended care flex force for capacity
Expected Utilization
Expected SLAs
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Our customers are seeing real results.

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Savings in OpEx. From increased cost savings and productivity, to increased margin.
* Real clients, ongoing results.
Clinical Operations and Nurses working together on Untether Labs software.
Doctor, nurseClinical operations person happy

Our only goal is for you to hit your Clinical Operations goals.

How we work.

Low Effort.
Real Results.

Integrations: We structure your data via API and Sheets. We seamlessly integrate within days.

Care Operational Backbone: We support teams to move fast and automate scheduling.

Capacity Management: We provide forecasts to optimize margin, burnout, and patient wait times.

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