Need a vacation from tracking time off?

With our fully integrated PTO Automation you can set up multiple Policies, Rules, and ensure employees can easily manage their own requests — and it seamlessly syncs with payroll.
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Goodbye busywork

No more error-prone spreadsheets, and paper trails. You and your Care team can easily manage and track PTO from anywhere at any time.

Policies & Rules that bring peace of mind

Whether full-time or part-time, hourly or salaried, build custom Policies and Rules that work best for everyone on the Care team.

Sync your data where you need it

Powerful PTO automations mean better understanding of your business and people behind it. There is no disruption to the team's workflow. Our APIs allow flow of data back and forth where you need it, like Payroll.


What is PTO (Paid Time Off)?

Paid Time Off, or PTO, typically includes vacation time, sick leave, personal time, federal holidays, family leave, and maternity and paternity leave, but it can also include more specific types of leaves as well.

What is a PTO Policy?

Each Policy can either be a limited time off or an unlimited. You can also setup multiple Policies per company and assign specific employees or contractor to them.

What is a PTO Rule?

Each Rule can be configured using Schedules and Provider data to ensure Clinics have enough Providers with licenses in each region, or minimum Coverage is met in general or for specific peak periods like launches or holidays.

How to create or edit a Policy or a Rule?

There is no one-size-fits-all Policy or Rule. That's why you can create as many Policies and Rules as needed. It's best practice to have one set for salaried employees vs hourly workers.

What's the Care Team's experience?

Automated PTO tracking allows employees to check their own time-off balances, see how much they've used, and request time off when they need it.

Will this integrate with my Payroll software?

We've configured this product to work with most Payroll software like UKG, Rippling, etc.
Their are several ways to sync the data, and we will configure it during integration.

Have questions regarding PTO?

Please reach out to our team.